A Dino-Inspired Cat’s Journey to Thriving on Two Legs After an Electric Shock

A cat from Chiang Mai, Thailand named Able had an unfortunate accident that resulted in the loss of his front paws and tail due to an electric shock from exposed wires. However, despite this setback, Able continues to live life as a normal cat by getting around on his hind legs – reminiscent of a T-Rex! Despite his traumatic experience, Able was able to recover and is now a strong and resilient feline.

When Able was just a year old, a loud noise startled the neighborhood so much that they feared it was a bomb. Unfortunately, the sound caused hundreds of volts of electricity to surge through Able’s body, frying his tail and two front paws, which left him unable to move. Thankfully, the kind-hearted resident Walai Sriboonvorakul found Able stranded in an alley seven days after the accident and nursed him back to health. Now, Able is three years old and has made a full recovery despite his past injuries. He even learned some impressive skills like navigating flights of stairs, chasing other cats, and jumping up walls by bouncing like a kangaroo.

Able, a feline, moves around in a unique way due to the unfortunate accident of having his front legs ‘fried off’ by unsecured electric wires. He now walks in a manner similar to a T-Rex dinosaur, with a gait that resembles the scary beast’s movements. His shortened arms are also reminiscent of the dino’s shrunken limbs.

A cat named Able experienced a terrible incident on the streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand that left him disfigured. Despite having to walk like a T-Rex and hop like a kangaroo, the three-year-old feline is still a beautiful and capable animal. The reason for his name is because he can do everything that other animals can do. Unfortunately, Able’s condition was caused by electrocution from wires which caused his legs and tail to drop off due to the powerful electricity. Initially, he struggled with his wounds as they were sore, but he quickly adapted to his new way of life. He learned how to stand and balance on his hind legs and is now really strong. Able can climb stairs, play chase with other cats by bouncing like a mini kangaroo and even jump high up walls and ledges.

A loud electric shock startled the neighbors, who initially thought it was a bomb explosion. Fortunately, Walai Sriboonvorakul found Able lying in an alley and rescued him. The family took Able into their home, where they showered him with love and food. Initially, the family let Able roam around the garden and outside freely. However, when he wandered too far, other stray dogs and cats would gang up on him, and he would come back hopping. As a result, the family now keeps him inside their two-story home. Able’s favorite thing to do is to run up to his “big brother” Copter’s bedroom every morning to wake him up. Copter sees Able as one of the family, and they play all sorts of games together. Despite losing his legs, Able has found a loving home where he is pampered and has a good life.

Initially, Able faced some difficulties but this courageous feline has managed to adjust swiftly. He can not only move around by hopping but also has the ability to leap over tall barriers.

Able has become a valued member of the Sriboonvorakul household and is comfortably residing within their spacious two-story abode.

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