A dog who spent 900 days at the shelter was returned just one day after being adopted

Sora, a black Labrador Pitbull mix, first arrived at Valley Animal Center – the largest no-euthanasia shelter and adoption center for dogs and cats in Fresno, California, when her previous owner surrendered her almost four years ago.

Ever since then, beautiful Sora sadly hasn’t gotten any attention from potential adopters.

Up until recently, someone arrived at the shelter, and it seemed like Sora was finally going to her forever home. To everyone’s excitement, Sora did get adopted, but tragically, she also got returned in less than 24 hours.

Adopted After 900+ Days At The Shelter

According to the Valley Animal Center, Sora was surrendered to them in July of 2021 after her previous owner realized she needed more attention and training than they could provide her.

“Sora is a sweet pup that has great energy. She is a perfect fit for any household with an active lifestyle. Sora is the dog you want to take on long walks or bike rides; trust us, she can keep up. Unfortunately, Sora has been in a kennel for almost 4 years,” the shelter wrote in their Facebook post.

Although Sora is a very sweet and lovable pup, she has spent almost four years at the shelter without attracting much attention from potential adopters for some reason.

So, when someone came to the shelter asking about her, everyone was over the moon with the idea that she might be getting adopted.

Sora was so happy thinking she had finally found her forever home, but sadly, her happiness was short-lived.

The day after Sora’s adoption, the owner called the shelter and said they wanted to return her. Sora’s dreams were once again shattered, and the poor pup was simply heartbroken.

“Sora did not get enough time to decompress in her new home and was introduced to new family members too quickly,” Sim Kaur from Valley Animal Center told Newsweek.

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You can only imagine how this poor dog must feel, especially after already spending 900+ days behind kennel bars.

Returned And Heartbroken

Despite her broken heart, the shelter is still hopeful that there is someone out there who will be able to mend the broken pieces and bring a lifetime of happiness to this precious girl.

As you can imagine, living in a shelter can never replace the happiness a loving family can bring to one dog.

While shelters do everything in their power to provide the dogs with enough physical enrichment and love, it sadly never seems to be enough.

Spending almost four years at the shelter has unfortunately taken a toll on little Sora, who has developed anxious behaviors.

“According to our certified dog trainer, Mariah Prudhume, if she was able to get her into a loving home, her mental health would dramatically improve. With love and patience, she wouldn’t be the reactive dog she is today, and she would finally become the happy and goofy dog she is meant to be,” Valley Animal Center wrote in their Instagram post.

She is a beautiful dog who just deserves a proper chance.

Sora is still looking for her forever home and a person who will love and cherish her, but most importantly, one who will never give up on her again.

She is lovable with humans and children over five years old, but needs a single-pet home and a family who is willing to dedicate time to train her.

Could Sora be your ideal pet?

Please visit Valley Animal Center for more information regarding Sora and adoption.

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