A mother dog and her puppies were trembling in a cold corner of the shelter until she arrived

We all know that the shelter is not an ideal place for dogs. Still, a lot of our furry companions are forced to spend the majority of their lives in one, and it is often a cold and heartless place.

Some shelters really do have great conditions and big-hearted people who are willing to give all their love to every canine resident. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and in some of them, dogs are left to fend for themselves in very bad conditions.

One big-hearted woman witnessed exactly that when she visited a shelter in the middle of the winter season. She was so broken by that sight that she immediately decided to help them and ensure their brighter future.

Rescue From The Shelter

When this great woman came to the shelter, her heart broke as soon as she saw a little canine family in a corner of the kennel. Since it was the winter season, the mother dog and her three puppies were trembling because of the cold.

Aside from that, since she was unable to properly protect her babies from the cold and ensure everything they needed for happy puppyhood, the poor mother was very sad and anxious.

That’s why this woman decided to take matters into her own hands immediately. She took the little ones in her arms and brought them to the car that was waiting for them outside.

After the puppies, she lured the mother dog as well, and soon, they were all on their way to safety.

Getting Better Every Day

Because she didn’t know what their health condition was, the first destination of this canine family was the hospital. As soon as they arrived there, the vet examined them thoroughly using the proper medical tests.

Fortunately, the tests did not show any serious health issues besides anaplasmosis. However, this tick-borne disease caused by infectious bacteria is something that can be cured in two to four weeks with simple medications.

That is why they were released from the hospital very soon and this big-hearted woman brought them to her premisis. She ensured everything they needed – from a warm and comfy bed to food and water.

As soon as they were feeling better, she gave them names. This woman named the mother dog Geumsoon, while the three puppies got the names Circle, Red, and Green. These babies were just one month old, and puppyhood was still ahead of them.

Every day, the little ones were getting better and better. They were cheerful, playful, and energetic, and they were eating really well. The only problem was the mother, as she did not want to eat when the people were around.

This was probably the consequence of a lot of trauma caused by bad people in her previous life, as well as staying in the shelter. Fortunately, with a lot of love from her savior, Geumsoon was slowly able to heal all her wounds.

After just a few weeks, she was in a much better state, and her life was finally a blessing.

Happy Ending

It has been a long time since the puppies left the shelter, and they have already grown into beautiful little dogs. Although they were still trying to get at least a bit of their mother’s milk, Geumsoon wasn’t interested anymore.

It was a clear sign that the new time had come and that they had to start preparing for a new beginning. They didn’t have to wait long for that moment because all three puppies soon found their forever homes and started new lives.

The mother was left alone, but she was everything but sad. She could finally eat in front of people and that was the best sign that all her wounds had finally healed. Her savior was over the moon because of this wonderful happy ending.

After living in a cold and unconditioned shelter, this little canine family will never tremble again. From now on, they will always be warm around the heart, thanks to people who truly love them.

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