A pregnant stray dog pleaded for help from everyone until two kind souls appeared

Human insensitivity, and often cruelty, never ceases to surprise us. The best example is the numerous stories about abandoned dogs left at the mercy of the street, although we all know how much they need human care and attention.

One such story comes from Mississippi, and it is about a pregnant dog who had to seek happiness for her children by begging passers-by for help. Sadly, few heard her cry, so this poor stray had already started to lose hope that she would meet her happiest moment in a better place.

However, just when she thought her fate was sealed, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel in the form of two good souls who came back to make her happy again.

Humans With Great Hearts

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According to the TikTok video posted by @smitherson on February 18, 2024, Mary Smith Overbey and her mom saw a stray pregnant dog in front of the store. However, when they tried to help her, she was nowhere in sight.

That whole day, these two women from Woodville, Mississippi, couldn’t stop thinking about her, so they decided to come back the next day. Although the search wasn’t easy, they managed to find the future mother and bring her to safety.

When they came to their house in Woodville, Mississippi, the poor dog was still terrified, but she soon realized that these people meant no harm to her and her babies, so she was able to relax. After a few hours in a warm home, her tail started wagging, and she was happy again.

As soon as she felt completely safe in her new place, she fell asleep. Fighting for survival and a better future for children on the street is an exhausting job, so these restful moments were very well deserved.

Her Most Precious Moments

When Shug, as her new family named her, finally woke up the next day, she was a brand-new dog. From the moment they cleaned her from the oil stains, which were the consequence of sleeping under cars, her tail didn’t stop wagging.

@smithersonThis angel ❤️❤️❤️ We are so lucky we are in a positon to be able to give her a home. Name suggestions? (Ridiculous only)

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However, after a good bath and a walk in the sun with her new family, it was time for a bit more serious appointment – the vet clinic.

According to Mary’s new TikTok video, the vets from the Nunnery Veterinary Hospital, located in Summit, Mississippi, said that “she was only a year old, and is very close to having her puppies.” They also stated that she was heartworm-positive and that she had hookworms and ear mites.

Fortunately, they later found out that she had just a slightly positive heartworm test, which meant she could receive preventative care after giving birth to her babies.

The day they all had been waiting for finally came one week later, just like the doctor predicted. The newest video with the title, “So proud of our mama!! We have 7 perfect pups ❤️❤️,” announced Shug’s most precious moments.

Mary and her mom were over the moon, and they could not hide their tears of joy. The very fact they witnessed the arrival of new little lives into this world made them overjoyed. But, they were mostly proud that they started this beautiful story that led to the happiest ending.

Amazing Reactions

In one of her newest updates on Shug and her babies, Mary revealed that the whole family was doing great. She said that they were able to find forever homes for three girls, while four boys and their mother were still with them, enjoying every moment of their puppyhood.

Mary also promised the people who were following this amazing story that none of the dogs would end up in a shelter, pointing out that it is not the place for any canine.

Because of that, many who followed this amazing story from the very first day were more than delighted. Yet, the most positive reactions were pointed to the fact that these two good souls returned on the first day to save this canine family and ensure them a better future.

A huge number of views and likes, as well as many positive comments on their first video posted on February 18, are the best testimony to that.

All these reactions show how much people have lost faith in true love and kindness. But, more than that, they demonstrate how positive stories like this restore hope for humanity and a better tomorrow for all of us, especially our best furry friends.

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