Abgang einer Bürgernahen

Seit elf Jahren ist Malu Dreyer Ministerpräsidentin von Rheinland-Pfalz, nun gibt sie das Amt an ihren Sozialminister Alexander Schweitzer ab. Wie stellt sich die SPD in dem Bundesland auf? Man habe es mit einer Ministerpräsidentin zu tun, die bei den Sozialdemokraten “fast schon den Status einer Heiligen” genieße – das schrieb im Oktober 2012 eine … Read more

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This man repeatedly visited the shelter to help a scared pup learn to love again

When Alva first found a home, her shelter friends at Austin Pets Alive! were thrilled because they thought she found her happily-ever-after. Alva has a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. This condition affects the part of the brain responsible for movement, causing mobility issues. Once she was at her forever home, Alva didn’t go outside … Read more

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Malnourished pup, betrayed by his owners and abandoned in the middle of nowhere, finally gets his happy ending

A little dog named Cuco felt betrayed and alone after his owners dumped him in a remote area. Since he couldn’t find anything that remotely resembled food, the doggo became weaker and weaker. Cuco spent many nights cowering in fear. He could barely sleep. Feeling hurt and heartbroken, the pup didn’t understand why his family … Read more

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A Dachshund and a Rottweiler had an ‘accidental litter,’ and their offspring took over the internet

Thanks to interbreeding, the process where two dogs mate to produce offspring, there are many unique and diverse dog breeds worldwide. Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Puggles, Pomskies, Bernedoodles, and many more were all created with interbreeding Recently, a new breed of dog has emerged on the internet, turning heads and melting the hearts of every hooman who … Read more

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