Bon Jovi – Rock Star

NARRATOR: Bon Jovi, the voice, the hair. Jon’s been living on a prayer since the ’80s. And he became a star thanks to one bold move, with a cassette tape. This is “Biography.” [UPBEAT MUSIC] As a kid, Jon Bon Jovi had big time music dreams. But by 20, the closest he had gotten was sweeping the floors at a recording studio– if you don’t count his song on the “Star Wars Christmas Album” when he was 18.

Anyway, Jon would work all day and record his demo at night. But when he sent it out, nobody wanted it. Undaunted, Jon marched right into New York’s WAAP radio station and handed the DJ his demo tape. And the crazy thing is, it worked. He put the track “Runaway” on air and it became a hit. With his newfound fame, Jon put together a band. And the rest is hair band history.

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