“Kourtney Kardashian’s Vegas Marriage ceremony: Elvis Officiant’s Slip-Up and Different Kravis Nuptial Mishaps!”

Are you ready for a wild ride? Kourtney Kardashian Barker and Travis Barker had a wedding for the books and it’s all captured in their new Hulu special, Til Death Do Us Part Kourtney & Travis. This couple took the plunge not once, not twice, but three times in three different locations – Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, and Portofino, Italy.

The fun kicked off on the night of the 2022 Grammy Awards, where Kourtney and Travis were having the time of their lives, fueled by lots of tequila. They made a spontaneous decision to head to the One Love Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas and exchange vows. And of course, in true Vegas style, they had to have an Elvis impersonator officiate.

But things didn’t exactly go as planned. The Elvis impersonator got a little confused and asked Travis to say, “I, Travis, take you, Khloé, to be my wife.” Oops! Khloé is Kourtney’s younger sister, but hey, we’ll give the Elvis impersonator a pass for mixing up the Kardashians.

And that’s not all, folks! Kourtney and Travis had originally planned to tie the knot in an Italian church in Portofino, but they ended up having to make some last-minute changes. With no time to spare, they called in for “helicopter drops” to transport their wedding decor. Talk about a grand entrance!

So, if you’re ready for some laughs and unexpected twists, make sure to tune in to Til Death Do Us Part Kourtney & Travis. These two lovebirds prove that when it comes to weddings, anything can happen – and it’s all part of the adventure!

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