Puppy with a Deformed Leg, Abandoned by His Mother, Transforms into the Most Adorable Teddy Bear

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade! Or, in Flipflop’s words, when life presents challenges, overcome them with the sweetest smile!

Bosley’s Place, the Georgia rescue, posted the story of the resilience and incredible spirit of a tiny little pup, Flipflop. Rejected by his momma at the newborn phase due to deformity, this tiny pup resembling a Teddy Bear fought his way toward recovery!

Then, came the biggest surprise of his life!

An Inspiring Journey

Flipflop didn’t have a sweet start in life. At only a few days of age, this tiny furrball found himself all alone when his momma rejected him. Due to his front leg deformity, he was on the verge of life, fighting for every breath.

Then, the miracle arrived!

The giant-hearted group of rescuers within Bosley’s Place in Georgia decided to intervene and turn this little boi’s life around for the better.

As soon as he was taken in, Flipflop started showing signs of progress. He latched onto the bottle in no time and started gaining weight with each and every new day.

“Other than the obvious deformity of his front left leg, he appears to be very healthy with a great appetite,” the Bosley’s Place team wrote on Facebook.

The good people of BP followed his progress around the clock. And, within just weeks – this rejected boi blossomed into a healthy and happy pup!

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