Rescuers from California were astonished when they found this injured dog lying on a mop

Other than adopting dogs, there are many ways all of us could do more to help strays across the world find a shelter or a forever home.

A simple solution would be to help them by taking them to the nearest sanctuary where they can get help.

However, if that doesn’t work out, a simple phone call would suffice. The point is that there is always something you can do to help out an animal that needs you.

In this story, we will talk about a group of rescuers from California who found a stray dog in need and decided to give her a new chance to live her life.

She Was Lying On A Mop

When a group of rescuers working for Hope for Paws was notified by a homeowner about a senior stray dog living in his yard, they answered the call for help.

Apparently, the dog had been running on the road and was trying to dodge traffic. When she could no longer run, she collapsed in someone else’s yard.

The man allowed rescuers to enter his yard so they could try and help the dog. They realized that the space she was sleeping in was a little hard to reach.

So, they took a leash and tried placing it around her head. The dog, now named Pipa, was going to be taken to a shelter where she could get a new chance to start over.

After they secured her and started taking her to the car, they noticed that she was wagging her tail the whole time and was just happy to see that somebody cared for her.

Who really knows how long she had been surviving on her own, she never deserved to suffer so much and finally managed to catch a break.

Now that she was safe in the car, her rescuer received a call about another mission that required his attention, so he decided that Pipa was going to tag along with him.

A Double Rescue

Once they were in the area, the man noticed a stray cat that needed his help. Considering that he came a bit unprepared, he had to improvise this rescue.

He gave her some food and noticed that she went for it, even though she was a bit afraid to approach him.

She was so hungry that she didn’t care if the rescuer placed her in a kennel with food. The cat willingly went in and was now heading for the shelter in California.

The two briefly met in the car, but they separated later when they finally reached their destination. They were both given a warm bubble bath so they could get rid of all the germs.

Pipa just relaxed completely in the care of the shelter workers and had absolute faith that they would be there for her.

You can just tell easily that she still had faith in other people, which was a good sign that she would recover.

However, she had an underlying spine injury and had to be hospitalized because of it.

Soon after her treatment was over, she was taken to a foster home with Lionel’s Legacy where they would work diligently to find Pipa a new home.

While we don’t have any updated information on what happened to the dog and the cat, I have no doubt that the amazing rescuers at Hope for Paws found them a forever home.

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