A woman was surprised to find a fluffy little baby abandoned in a diaper box in front of her store

Frankie, a five-week-old Pit Bull puppy, felt sad and confused for the first time in his life after his family rejected him.

They placed the furball in a Pampers diaper box and dumped him on West Side property in Buffalo, New York.

The little baby peeked his adorable head out from the box and looked around with eyes filled with longing.

He hoped that a kind-hearted human would notice him and bring him to safety.

The Puppy Gets Help

A local business owner named Robin was left surprised when she saw the sweetest puppy, later named Frankie, in front of her store.

The good woman picked the baby up and promised him that he would get help.

Frankie felt relieved to see a kind face. The furball knew that he was in good hands.

Robin was a dedicated supporter of West Side Cat Rescue, a Buffalo-based shelter, and she reached out to them, asking them to take Frankie into their care.

Jamie Mulligan, the founder of the shelter, received Robin’s call.

Jamie assumed that the person who dumped Frankie outside Robin’s store knew that the fur baby would get the necessary care.

The rescue staff agreed to take the puppy in and pamper him with care. They refused to surrender him to an overcrowded shelter.

“Unfortunately, the local shelters here are full of pit bulls that no one wants to adopt, so Jamie knew she couldn’t bring him to an overcrowded shelter,” the representative from West Side Cat Rescue told The Dodo.

Frankie captivated the hearts of the staffers. The little baby just wanted to be held. He needed love more than anything else.

His shelter friends drove the sweet furball to the vet where he underwent a medical checkup.

After the good humans bought him some puppy food, a leash, and a collar, Frankie was ready to go into foster care.

Frankie Finds True Love

Jamie’s daughter, who often lends a hand at the rescue, decided to foster the delightful boi.

Frankie’s life changed completely after he moved to his foster home. His foster mom cuddled him and showered him with love.

As time passed, the little baby built a strong bond with his foster mom.

When Jamie’s daughter told her family that she wanted to change the puppy’s name, they realized that she fell in love with him.

The pup’s forever mom decided that his new name would be Percy.

“It’s now looking like [Jamie’s] daughter has become attached. Percy is now a foster fail,” the representative added.

The delightful baby felt safe and adored in the arms of his forever mom. As he happily soaked up her unconditional love, his beautiful puppy eyes became filled with joy.

Percy knew that he got his happily ever after.

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