Baby cheetah and pup become fast friends at the Columbus Zoo

At 10 weeks old, Emmett, the cheetah cub, and his 7-week-old buddy, Cullen, may not seem like the most natural of companions. One is a sleek cheetah, and the other, well, a playful puppy.

But despite their differences, these two adorable youngsters have forged a remarkable friendship at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio.

Emmett, born at the Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio, required special care after battling pneumonia for several weeks. Hand-reared during his treatment, Emmett found a companion in Cullen when he arrived at the Columbus Zoo. The Zoo shared on Facebook that Emmett chose Cullen to be his constant companion.

The presence of Cullen, a puppy, is more than just delightful company. While cheetahs are known for their nervous disposition, having a canine friend like Cullen can help Emmett feel more at ease and confident in his surroundings.

The heartwarming photos shared by the Zoo capture the duo’s camaraderie as they play and explore together. It’s evident that their bond transcends species boundaries, bringing joy to visitors and staff alike.

As we unwind at the end of a long week, there’s nothing quite like seeing the heartwarming friendship between Emmett and Cullen to lift our spirits and remind us of the beauty of unlikely connections.

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