The Lion’s Last Stand: A Brutal Encounter with Buffaloes

In a dramatic turn of events captured on video, the Northern Avoca Male Lion, alongside the Nkuhuma Pride, embarks on what would be his final hunting trip, only to face a relentless retaliation from a herd of buffaloes, leaving him battered and bruised. The scene unfolds in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, as field guide … Read more

Rare Albino Puma Cub Born in Nicaraguan Zoo

In a heartwarming surprise, a rare albino puma cub made its debut a month ago at a zoo in Juigalpa, Nicaragua, captivating the attention of zoo officials and visitors alike. The newborn cub, sheltered carefully from the public eye, remains under the vigilant care of its mother within the confines of the Thomas Belt Zoo. … Read more