Dumped in a pile of trash, desperate puppies had no idea what life had in store for them

Rescuing is by no means an easy job. It requires a lot of effort and mental fortitude to deal with so much heartbreak on a regular basis.

What’s even more impactful is that a lot of that comes from seeing how people treat animals and dogs.

They do not and should not be neglected or outright abused because they did nothing to deserve that.

In this story, we will talk about rescuers who were notified about two puppies who were dumped in a pile of trash.

Two Friendly Pups

After receiving the information, the kind rescuers were on their way to save these sweet puppies. When they arrived at the location, they were shocked.

They had been living in a pile of trash. One of the puppies was happy to see the rescuers while the other one was sleeping on bread.

Luckily for them, one woman noticed their misfortune and immediately contacted the rescuers from Howl of a Dog.

She felt bad for them, so she brought them some food and water until the rescuers were able to get there.

The rescuers suspect that they had been living there only for a few days, which was not too horrible. They were still very friendly and immediately greeted them.

They continued by checking the area nearby to see if there were any more dogs. When they concluded that it was only these two puppies, they focused on helping them.

Surprisingly, the woman who had been feeding them told the rescuers that she left them a bag of food, but it was gone when they arrived so it’s possible that somebody took it.

After they realized that the puppies were really friendly, they decided to name them Bonnie and Clyde.

A Safe, New Environment

They were then placed in a kennel and taken into a vehicle. Their next stop was the shelter where they could receive proper help.

After that, they noticed that Clyde appeared to be sick so they wasted no time and took him to a veterinarian clinic.

The poor pup was diagnosed with Babesiosis and had to be hospitalized because of that. The vets did everything they could to help him recover.

And, so he did. Soon after he was feeling better, they discharged Clyde from the clinic and he was allowed to return to the shelter. Luckily, they reacted in time.

He was pretty happy to see Bonnie, and the two immediately started playing around after they were reunited.

Their rescuers now knew that they were both healthy and needed a forever home, so they were placed on the adoption list.

They are only six months old, and I have no doubt that somebody amazing will give them a chance and adopt them.

While we have no information on what happened next, I remain hopeful that everything went okay for the puppies and that they are now living their best life with someone special.

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