Homeowner Shocked to Uncover the Mystery Behind Unusual Sounds Coming from the Wall

It is not uncommon for Hope For Paws to engage in all kinds of crazy rescue missions to save a furry life, but this rescue is surely one of the most challenging ones this renowned animal organization has ever had.

Late at night, Hope For Paws, California received an urgent email about faint kitten sounds coming from a homeowner’s wall.

Eldad, the founder of this rescue organization, and the two rescuers, Loreta and JoAnn, immediately headed out to investigate.

They were completely unaware that this rescue would turn out to be a seriously challenging one, without any indication of life.

Babies In The Wall

When the rescuers arrived at the man’s house around midnight, they learned that desperate kitten cries the homeowners heard had abruptly stopped 8 hours before the rescue team arrived.

Quickly, they became very worried that the tiny creatures stuck in the wall were sadly not alive anymore.

“After 8 hours without making a sound, I feared they already passed away,” Eldad said.

The situation was very alarming and complicated. They had to ask permission to cut a hole in the wall.

“This rescue was seriously challenging… without any indication of life, we had to ask the homeowner to destroy his property,” the rescue wrote in their Facebook post.

Geared up with masks and flashlights, shortly after their arrival, the three rescuers started poking holes in the wall.

They felt bad about destroying the man’s property, so they tried to lighten the mood by talking about the crazy stuff they found behind the walls.

When they first looked inside the wall with their camera, they couldn’t see anything except for some really old newspapers, so they had to drill a larger hole.

Still, they couldn’t see anything, and they were really close to leaving the property empty-handed.

Just as they were about to leave, Loreta’s sharp eye noticed something moving. The kittens were alive!

Drilling yet another larger hole in the living room, the rescuers were able to pull out two small kittens from the wall, who were about two weeks old.

“We thoroughly checked that there were no more kittens in the wall,” the rescue wrote.

A Wonderful Rescue

How the kittens ended up inside the wall was a mystery to everyone, but the rescuers did have their guess.

They wrote in their post: “We believe they fell from the attic to the ground (15ft), and once that happened, the mom relocated the siblings, and she was never seen again by the homeowner.”

Once the kittens were safely out of the wall, JoAnn gave them sugar water to raise their glucose levels. It was her amazing skills that actually kept the furry babies alive.

“She became their mom, and for the next 8 weeks she bottle-fed them, kept them clean and warm, and the result is just amazing,” they said.

The female kitten was named Blondie, and the male one, Dagwood.

The Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats agreed to foster the two kittens and find them a forever home.

Although there is no official statement, I firmly believe that the two beautiful babies found their forever home where they are happy and healthily growing up.

To help the Hope For Paws organization rescue more animals just like this, please support the amazing work they do.

Check out the full rescue mission here:

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