Malnourished pup, betrayed by his owners and abandoned in the middle of nowhere, finally gets his happy ending

A little dog named Cuco felt betrayed and alone after his owners dumped him in a remote area.

Since he couldn’t find anything that remotely resembled food, the doggo became weaker and weaker.

Cuco spent many nights cowering in fear. He could barely sleep.

Feeling hurt and heartbroken, the pup didn’t understand why his family discarded him like they never loved him.

Just when Cuco was about to give up hope of being saved, a kind-hearted human found him and brought him to a rescue.

Cuco Receives Help

The staffers’ hearts broke when they met Cuco for the first time. The little pup was in terrible condition – all skin and bones.

The rescue staff rushed him to the vet.

Cuco looked at his rescuers with tearful eyes. The kind people knew how sorrowful the pooch felt, and they tried to comfort him

As soon as Cuco arrived at the hospital, he was given a medical checkup. The canine was infested with ticks and parasites, and he had a corneal ulcer.

Although he was still confused, Cuco felt a sense of relief because he was rescued.

His rescuers assumed that his owners dumped Cuco because they didn’t want to spend money on his veterinary bills.

They were convinced that the doggo spent a lot of time struggling to survive on the street.

The Canine Starts His Road To Recovery

Cuco was hospitalized, and the vet team conducted the lab tests.

The doggo was diagnosed with severe anemia, and he started his treatment. Since the canine was extremely malnourished, he needed to follow a special diet.

The pup felt so weak that he kept lying down.

Cuco’s caregivers were committed to his care. They fed him and encouraged him to fight for his life.

A few days later, the dog gathered the strength to get up. His heart began glimmering with hope that his life would improve

Little by little, the pooch started feeling better.

After Cuco was discharged, his rescuers took him under their care. They were aware that the pup still needed time to make a full recovery.

The rescue staffers fed him nutritional food. Cuco started gaining weight and playing with other dogs at the rescue.

Finding Happiness

Cuco’s human friends adored him. They often snuggled with him and showered him with love.

The doggo felt safe and loved. He was extremely affectionate and grateful to his rescuers and he planted many kisses on their faces.

Although Cuco loved his friends at the rescue, his heart yearned to find his own place under the sun. He started looking for his forever family.

A wonderful couple fell in love with the adorable boi, and they couldn’t wait to give him their boundless love.

Cuco kissed his rescuers goodbye. They felt overjoyed because the pooch found his happiness.

After he moved in with his forever family, the dog felt like the happiest pup in the world. He was delighted to meet his three furry siblings.

Thanks to all the love and exceptional care his family gave him, Cuco made a complete recovery. He turned into a healthy and strong pup.

Cuco lives his dream life with his beloved family. He loves going on walks with his humans and doggy siblings.

The sweet canine finally has the love that he always deserved.

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