Sylvester Stallone – Rocky’s Unforgettable Accessory

Sylvester Stallone, he made Rocky Balboa a legend. But before he entered the ring, Stallone first had to find Rocky’s iconic look. This is “Biography.” 1976, “Rocky” makes Stallone a star. But just months earlier, he was nearly broke. When he finally got an offer for his script about a down-and-out boxer, he was told he couldn’t play Rocky.

Stallone stood his ground. And when filming began, he took the lead role. But the budget was tight. He even more his own leather jacket on set. But the outfit was missing something. So Stallone hit a thrift store in Philadelphia when a pork pie hat caught his eye. That was it. Rocky was born.

The signature hat appeared in “Rocky,” “Rocky II,” and even made a comeback alongside Michael B. Jordan in “Creed.” Rocky’s iconic hat was found by chance. And now, it sits in the Smithsonian. With that, we tip our hat to Sylvester Stallone.

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