Terrified, the abandoned dog hid under metal pipes until rescuers came to save him

When Red was living with his owner, his life was okay for the most part. He had everything and he was naturally loyal to his human dad.

However, while he was faithful to his owner, his owner didn’t share the same sentiment. One day, he would be abandoned on the street, and his life would turn upside down.

It was absolutely horrible. His neighbors loved the dog and wanted to visit but the man came up with an excuse as to why his dog was no longer there.

Five years later, and a woman accidentally stumbled into Red and recognized him. He had been surviving on his own and hiding under metal pipes. It was just so depressing to see, so she called for help right away.

Help Is On The Way

Right after she made that phone call, the rescuers came and found him immediately. They noted that he was both happy and scared at the same time.

He couldn’t understand if these people meant him harm, but he also knew he desperately needed help.

However, his fear would win over, and he would continue hiding. That’s when the rescuer went to ask for help from the locals and they accepted.

They were able to lead Red out and he didn’t resist at all. In fact, he understood their true intentions now.

His tail started wagging as he was being transported to the vehicle and his rescuer gave him some much-needed food as he must have been really hungry.

He was such a sweet dog. The girl who found him noted that he would always love to play with other children in the neighborhood and it’s so sad what happened to him.

None of that mattered right now as he was going to a much better life. However, that won’t be without its fair share of challenges.

Red’s Difficult Healing Journey

Red suffered immensely in the five years he was missing. He ended up paralyzed, and the veterinarians don’t exactly know how.

They said he had discitis and his vertebrae were almost ruined because of infections. It’s unknown if he will recover, but one thing is certain: they needed to find a better vet.

So, they did. Even if there was a small chance that he would recover, they had to take it. The vets finally took him in and did an examination.

They also said that his spine infection was severe, and they couldn’t make any promises on whether he would recover or not.

Soon after that, they focused on helping him in any way they could. Therapy was the best answer for Red, and he wanted to get better.

He was given fluids and a lot of antibiotics, which will hopefully work with enough time. Red also received a lot of food and he really enjoyed eating.

Because he suffered through so much in the last five years, he was a bit stressed when there were too many people around him as he didn’t know who he could trust.

It affected his mental state very much. However, all of that is behind him now, and it’s time to focus on the future.

He Can Finally Relax

Two months later, Red made an impressive recovery. He is able to walk with his hind legs. While he is still a bit wobbly, it’s a step in the right direction.

He doesn’t like going outside yet as he feels safe inside the shelter with the people who cared for him. It’s possible that he is afraid he is going to get abandoned again if he goes out.

However, that will never happen. A few more months went by and Red was finally discharged from the clinic. His rescuer took him on an amazing trip, and he was so happy to go on this adventure.

The shelter workers made him a spot to sleep and rest. He will stay there until they find him a forever home.

Even though he has made great progress, he still has to take medications, and his rescuer is making sure it happens.

In the end, Red went from being abandoned and paralyzed to a sweet and lovable pup who just wants to live his life with someone special. I hope that happens for him.

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