Two frightened puppies with tearful eyes pleaded for human help and finally found the love they deserved.

The life of homeless canines is filled with difficulties.

Every single day, they tirelessly wander the streets, sniffing the ground and looking for scraps of food in every street corner.

With a sorrowful expression on their faces, they fight for their survival, believing that better days will come.

Two starving puppies almost lost faith in a better tomorrow.

The little siblings were running out of strength as they dragged their paws in hopes of finding something to eat.

When the two fur babies found themselves in front of a store, they decided to enter and beg humans for some food.

Getting The Help They Badly Needed

The store clerks felt sad when they saw two malnourished pups who were heavily infested with ticks.

The good people called the rescuers who came right away, picked the canines up, and placed them in their car.

With tearful eyes, the two siblings looked at their heroes. They seemed to have lost all hope of turning their lives around.

The rescue team drove them to the vet where they were given a medical examination.

Feeling frightened, the puppies curled up next to each other.

The vet team focused on healing the infected wounds on their bodies, which were caused by bites and ticks.

The fur babies felt weak and they refused to eat. The staff placed them in the same kennel and the siblings huddled together for comfort.

The next day, the vet team performed lab tests. The female pup named Riba was diagnosed with parasites and she started receiving treatment.

Since Riba’s brother was alright, he was discharged from the hospital. Shortly afterward, the puppy found his forever home.

Riba Makes A Complete Recovery

Riba remained hospitalized. The sweet girl still looked sorrowful. The rescuers caressed her. They wished to console her and fill her heart with hope.

The pooch received an emergency transfusion, and she started feeling better.

She spent a lot of time resting in her kennel. Her caregivers looked after her, pampering her with care and giving her affection.

Riba felt safe.

Gradually, the delightful puppy began regaining her strength and energy.

Riba’s caregivers were happy when their girl started running and playing with the other dogs.

The canine’s eyes no longer looked sad. Riba felt confident and she believed that she would find her happiness.

The pooch was extremely affectionate and she enjoyed snuggling with her caregivers. She couldn’t wait to find her forever family and give them all her love.

Riba felt overjoyed when her biggest wish came true.

A wonderful young girl met Riba and fell in love with her. She gave the pup a forever home that she had always wished for.

From a frightened and hopeless puppy, Riba turned into a cheerful canine who enjoyed life.

I feel over the moon for the pooch and I wish her all the happiness in the world. She deserves it.

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